Sanders / Davidson Family Reunion

When: Sat., June 30, 2018

Where: Farmington, MO

Please let us know if you will be attending.


Who can attend?

You can choose your friends but not your family!

This reunion is not a formal thing. It is primarily about reconnecting with long lost cousins and perhaps meeting a few you have never met before.

If you are a descendant of William Charles "Pappy" Sanders and Clara Francis Brown, then consider yourself invited! If you have married, been adopted, been kidnapped, or otherwise tied into this crazy family, you are invited.

Who are they? Well, it all started when they had four children:

  • Drucella Sanders married V.H. Davidson
  • James Virgil Sanders married Jeweldean Bolden
  • Obel Omega Sanders married Nora Pearl Alliston
  • Willis A. Sanders (died as a baby)

Why a family reunion?

It is time to connect now.

Like most families we become disconnected over time. We are scattered all over the United States and possibly other countries. Many that are patriarchs of our family heritage have passed on. Events like this can be rare in families. Please plan on taking advantage of this opportunity.

By coming together like this, it speaks volumes to our children. It let's them know that we feel strongly about maintaining our family ties. It also reinforces family traditions and gives an opportunity to pass down the oral history of a family. This is a great time to celebrate our family and our heritage.

It is easy to say we should have a reunion, but actually doing it is more difficult. Plan to spend time with those that are so precious to you and rekindle relationships that have grown apart.

We have tried to set a time that would coincide with kids being out of school yet prior to any other major plans you may have for the summer. We would love to see you there.

Recent Updates


Registration is active

Registration is now active for the 2018 Reunion. Please register even if you can't attend. This will allow us to email you any news or updates. Thank you and hope to see you there.


Reunion 2018!

Reunion 2018! We had a blast in 2016 when we got together and were able to renew relationships with family. We even met a few family members that were only rumored to exist! It makes you realize that there is a deep abiding love for family. One thing that was decided was that we needed to do this every so often, and a target was set for an encore reunion in 2018. In the blink of an eye, we've arrived at 2018 and this is REALLY going to happen. If you were not able to attend last time, don't worry, this is an opportunity to get together again. We hope to see you there.